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Sri Lanka with its historic heritage exceeding thousands of years, lays claim to a facinating tradition of medical treatment coming down the generations.
The Hela Medical knowledge held by Traditional Ayurveda practitioner Dr.Padmasiri Udugama is one of mystifying uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world.
Dr.Padmasiri Udugama, belongs to the ancestry of traditional medical practitioners that hail from the Ven. Veedagama Maithriya Maha Thero of the Kotte Era of Sri Lankan history and has permanently cured thousands of patients for over 12 years with this knowledge.
As Specialist in fractures and bone treatment registered as an Ayurveda Practitioner (Reg.8150) with the Sri Lanka Department of Ayurveda, Dr.Padmasiri Udugama treats many an ailment with these fascinating treatments.


In curing these ailments in a short time, Dr.Padmasiri Udugama utilizes powerful natural medicinal herbs endemic to Sri Lanka along with his healing power of care and compassion.
The Uniqueness of this Hela Treatment
No medicines to be consumed for any ailment. There will be no after effects or adversely harmful reactions as no medicines are administered directly into the system. Most medicinal and oil treatments are administered on the ankle region, whilst some ailments are treated only on the affected area.

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